The skilled and passionate men and women of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) are committed to building a better future for America.

Working hard day in and day out to deliver honest, top quality projects across the country.

LiUNA is the most progressive and fastest-growing union of Delaware State and Federal Government workers who represent public service employees. Currently with half a million strong diverse workers who help build North America, we are united by collective bargaining agreements that help us get more opportunities, earn superior pay, and enjoy greater benefits.

Our union is an advocate for investing in American infrastructure in order to lower unemployment and reduce transportation costs for both households and businesses. Employers understand how reliable LiUNA workers are when it comes to critical skills sets. Our members are well trained and equipped in responding to disasters across the country. We are ready to help fix things as our family-oriented local unions are active in their communities for volunteerism.

Union workers are skilled workers with high level of productivity and you can find us in every community across the United States. Our job is to maintain roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, and waterways. It’s also our primary duty to keep the rail moving while serving the public good in the state and municipal government as well as in law enforcement and universities.

Moreover, we’re building a new 23-mile DC-Dallas metro rail along with other projects including a new American landmark called the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, the Washington National Stadium, the new World Trade Center Complex in New York City. Our dedicated team is also working on building a solid foundation in emerging markets by supporting new energy development projects that include natural gas, solar, wind, and even nuclear.

The rich history of LiUNA is founded in tradition, and we look forward to providing the men and women that North America needs in building a better and brighter future. We are here to continuously build innovative infrastructure that people need, and that is exactly what we are going to do until the end of time.


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Our main goal is to create more sustainable communities that bring together the people who will make America even better in the years to come. Employers and organizations can rely on us in terms of consistency in what we do and compassion in helping others achieve the future they want to have.

We at LIUNA are working harder to ensure that the young generations will see a more livable America than it is today. We’re involved in more building projects with our workers that unite us in realizing our dreams and goals. Connect with us and we’ll be happy to help you in the best way we can. Let’s help each other build the nation that our ancestors have dreamed about. The burden becomes lighter when we lend each other a hand.

So, are you with us? Our diligent and caring workers are here to be your dependable partner. Let LIUNA build your future today!

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