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Local 199 Events/Photos​


Laborers Local 199

Newark-based Laborers Local 199 represents a diverse group of hard working men and women in the construction, waste management, healthcare services, and public sector industries. United through collective bargaining agreements that ensure family-supporting pay, good benefits, safety on the job, and the opportunity for advancement, we build and maintain our country’s infrastructure, keep our communities clean and safe, and our government operating efficiently.

Our industry-leading labor-management funds in training, apprenticeship, and business development offer our signatory employers a competitive edge, and we are committed to developing relationships that work for both us AND our partners. Working together works best.

Local 199 and LECET Sponsored the Child Life Halloween Event on October 28, 2020 for Kids at the Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children

COVID-19 made 2020 scary for all of us, but imagine if you were a hospitalized child and unable to participate in all the fun Halloween activities that other kids enjoy. Scary, indeed!

Thankfully, Halloween was brought directly to the kids at Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children as Local 199 and DE LECET sponsored the Child Life Halloween event and delivered a fun time to all the little ghosts and goblins, cowboys and princess at Delaware’s leading children’s hospital.

As you can imagine, these kids and their families put so much time and effort into getting better and we worked to boost spirits
and put smiles on the faces of children and families (even if we couldn’t actually see the smiles behind their masks)

No costume? No problem. Kids could choose from the many choices offered to them.

Treats for our trick-or-treaters? They got them!

Activities and games? Yo bet!

In future years, these kids will likely be back in the neighborhood, knocking on doors and spooking friends and family. In this instance, in a hospital, during a pandemic, Local 199 wanted to make sure kids had the chance to do kid things. It was a great day for all!

Local 199 is proud to offer financial support to hospitals like Nemours, and our members love to volunteer for a good cause. Local 199 doesn’t just support the community, we ARE the community. We are your neighbors, your coaches, your Sunday School teachers and more. We are also the skilled and highly trained workforce of construction craft laborers who work to build a better Delaware by building better.

2019 Building Trades Apprentice Graduation

Delaware Building Trades President and Vice President of Delaware AFL-CIO James Maravelias called the 2019 Delaware Building Trades Apprenticeship Graduation ceremony a potential game changer and described the graduates as “hardworking and inspiring.”

Graduates, most who came into the program with little to no construction experience, were introduced to the basics of construction and completed 400 hours of classroom training which included safety and skills training in general construction, line and grade, excavation and pipe, scaffold building/safety, and concrete/mason tending. Classes were offered in 80-hour increments and apprentices attended class full time.

2019 Building Trades Apprentice Graduation
2022 apprenticeship graduates

2022 Apprenticeship Graduates

While most apprentices enrolled in courses at the Delaware Laborers' state-of-the-art training Center in Newark, participants also enrolled in classes at nearby New Jersey facilities in Folsom, Jamesburg, and Aberdeen.

Maravelias explained the importance of training and the many opportunities offered. "Our training programs are part of a national network and are supported by industry experts and educators who prepare and deliver the best training in the industries we serve," he said.

Graduates of the Delaware BuildingTrades Apprentice Program not only received a free education to build the skills needed by Delaware contractors and other employers, they were also put on the path for a successful career in construction.

"We tell our apprentices, nothing is given to you other than an opportunity to succeed," said Maravelias. "The rest is up to you--to work hard, work smart, and understand as a trade unionist, you are now part of a team that is counting on you to do your part so everyone can benefit."