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Laborers-employers Cooperation And Education Trust Of Delaware

LECET helps local unions expand their market share ensuring a strong future for both laborers and contractors.
LECET - Delaware


The Delaware Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) is an innovative joint Labor-Management Fund for job creation and economic development.

In other words, we exist to generate business opportunities for union contractors and job opportunities for members of Laborers Local 199. We succeed when out industry partners succeed.


DE LECET offers comprehensive services to laborers and contractors including the following:


LECET works as a professional team to advertise laborers and contractors in order to improve their opportunities and careers in union construction. It also promotes the value of union construction by running ad campaigns on radio programs, billboards, bus card displays, and public television.

Corporate and Community Relations

The main goal of DE LECET’s corporate and community relations service is to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of construction management and labor in the economy.

Market Share Initiatives

DE LECET addresses market share initiatives that are mutually beneficial to both laborers and their contractors. The main goal is to win jobs and projects so that it can continue to achieve innovative market expansion across the country.

Legislative and Government Affairs

The legislative and government affairs service focuses on ensuring that laborers and employers comply with the rules and regulations in public work construction. DE LECET also works with elected officials in order to create and support legislation that can lead to better safety and labor standards.

Market Research and Project Tracking

We research to determine emerging markets in transmission, private commercial, energy, industrial, and public works. DE LECET also works to track building projects for workers through Market Expansion Project on laptop, desktop, and smartphones.


DE LECET allocates some of its resources in communications campaign in order to promote the contractors and the laborers. With the use of communications tools, the team tap into the power of local unions and members to organize, mobilize, and build activism and win political actions.

Some of the key responsibilities of
DE LECET are to:

Create jobs and support the growth of Delawareans for Economic and Environmental Development by building a strong partnership with the State Chamber of Commerce.

Promote and revitalize Wilmington’s Riverfront which opened hundreds of jobs, the brownfield redevelopment, and a large scale construction work.

Strengthen the passage of the first of its kind law in the country, the New Castle County Prevailing Wage in 1979 which enacts the Responsible Contracting Ordinance in Delaware.

Advocate for work agreements with large developers and encourage skilled tradesmen in major construction projects to participate in local communities.

Create a county and state tax increment financing law which caters developers to complete their infrastructure projects with the help of our workers.

Working together works best and we aim to prove that every day through DE LECET. We provide the professional staff for marketing and business development so that our industry partners don’t have to. That’s the power of DE LECET. That’s the power of LiUNA.

The fund is chaired by Mike Hellstrom, International Vice-President and Eastern Regional Manager, and John J. McMahon, former Delaware Secretary of Labor, with representatives from the local union and the contracting community.

Professional staff consists of a director and other LIUNA leadership who help secure work for our members through regulatory assistance, lobbying and economic development financing through union programs.

LECET Has Been Responsible For:

Assisting in the promotion and revitilization of Wilmington’s Riverfront which led to brownfield redevelopment, large scale construction work and hundreds of jobs for our members.

Passage of the New Castle County Prevailing Wage law, the first of it’s kind in the nation since 1979 – and – enacting a Responsible Contracting Ordinance in the largest county in Delaware.

Fighting for labor agreements with prominent developers and ensuring community participation of our local’s skilled tradesmen in major projects.