LECET provides a wide range of services to Laborers and their contractors.


  • Market Share Initiatives.
  • Market Research and Project Tracking.
  • Communications.
  • Advertising.
  • Legislative and Government Affairs.
  •  Corporate and Community Relations.

The fund is chaired by Raymond M. Pocino, International Vice-President and Eastern Regional Manager, and John J. McMahon, Executive Director, Delaware Contractors Association with representatives from the local union and the contracting community.

Professional staff consists of a director and consultants who help secure work for our members through regulatory assistance, lobbying and economic development financing through union programs.

LECET has been responsible for:

  • Forging a partnership with the State Chamber of Commerce to support jobs and growth named “Delawareans for Economic and Environmental Development.”
  • Assisting in the promotion and revitilization of Wilmington’s Riverfront which led to brownfield redevelopment, large scale construction work and hundreds of jobs for our members.
  • Passage of the New Castle County Prevailing Wage law, the first of it’s kind in the nation since 1979 – and – enacting a Responsible Contracting Ordinance in the largest county in Delaware.
  • Fighting for labor agreements with prominent developers and ensuring community participation of our local’s skilled tradesmen in major projects.
  • Creating a state and county tax increment financing law that provides developers get projects done with our members.