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Clarification on Local 199’s Stance and Involvement


December 28, 2023


To Our Members and the Public,

Recent communications from New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer have implied a collaborative relationship with Local 199 in support of labor and union activities. It is crucial to clarify that Local 199 has not engaged in any partnership or collaboration with Mr. Meyer or his administration in these areas.

Local 199’s efforts and achievements in advocating for labor rights are solely a result of our work with members, supporters, the community, and strategic partners. Our focus remains on genuinely supporting our Laborers and upholding the values and principles that represent the true interests of our members.

We recognize the importance of honest and transparent communication in maintaining the trust of our members and the community. Therefore, we find it necessary to correct any misinformation and affirm that our progress and achievements are not linked to Mr. Meyer’s initiatives or policies, which have often not aligned with the needs and rights of the Laborers.

We appreciate your support and understanding.



Sincerely, Curtis Linton


Business Manager, Local 199